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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pakistan Celebrated the Judiciary Restoration Today

16th March is a historic day in the history of Pakistan. As soon as the govt. announced the reinstatement of the Cheif Justice of Pakistan at about 2am at night, people started to gather outside the house of cheif Justice of Pakistan in Islamabad!

The people were so much happy and excited that they didn't wait for the morning. The streets of the twin cities, Rawalpindi/Islamabad depicted a view of day time! People came out of their homes bearing torches and lights and headed towards Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhary's House. The on-going Long March which had started two days ago from Karachi had passed Gujranwala and was about to reach Islamabad in a few hours.
As soon as the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani addressed the nation to officially announce the restoration of judiciary, ex. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif who was leading the Long March, suddenly called it off and returned back to Lahore. As soon as the sun rose, people from all over the country headed towards Islamabad.
In the morning, when I reached there, thousands of people had gathered! They were dancing, chanting slogans, embracing each other and were doing anything they could do to depict their happiness!
At 11 Qazi Hussain Ahmad President Jamaat e Islami Pakistan addressed a rally in Abpara square Islamabad, so I reached there to have a look! There were thousands of activists gathered, they were all very happy and were celebrating the restoration of Judiciary! Afterwards, the activists of Islami Jamiat Talba Pakistan headed to the residence of Chief Justice of Pakistan and celebrated the success there. Here's a video of people shouting with joy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch Samaa TV Live

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Salman Taseer’s Son Exposes His Father

I just received this email and found it worth sharing!

Subject: Taseer’s son writes shocking memoirs about his father

Aatish Taseer, the 29-year old son of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, who is a journalist and lives in London, has written a book, a personal memoir, about his life story in which he has depicted his father in a manner that will shock and repel many of his Pakistani readers.

The book, titled “Stranger to History: A Son’s Journey through Islamic Lands”, is about to be launched in London in a week and in India a few weeks later. Indian magazine “Outlook” has acquired the rights to the book and as a gesture of friendly cooperation, the magazine has agreed to share their breaking story about the book with The News. The magazine will hit the stands in India on Friday.

Aatish has also been interviewed by the Outlook magazine, which says the book is ready to roll and Aatish is on the brink of entering a heady world of book launches and international book tours. It has been published by the Picador India.

According to the Outlook, the book is a fictional version of Aatish’s dramatic life story. Briefly, the story is this: “A short, intense relationship between a Pakistani politician, Salmaan Taseer, and an Indian journalist, Tavleen Singh, produces a child. As the relationship founders, the father (according to his son’s account) abandons the mother and the infant in London.

They move to Delhi, where the boy, Aatish, grows up in an elite Sikh family, but with an awareness of being ‘different’ because of his Muslim and Pakistani ancestry. “Twice in his childhood, he makes long-distance overtures to his father, but is rebuffed. In 2002, at the age of 21, he tries again, by simply landing up in Lahore, and meets with greater success. Salmaan’s political career has waned — the military rules; his party’s boss, Benazir Bhutto, is in exile — but he is, by now, a wealthy businessman and a media tycoon, with an elegant third wife and six other children.

“Relatives and family friends, who have known about Aatish for years, help him find a way into Salmaan’s life. So begins a father-son relationship that is, by no means, easy. And so dies a novel.

“There is this extraordinary story, but what does it mean? It’s not everybody else’s,î Aatish said, while looking back on his struggles five years ago to write that autobiographical novel.“Then came a turning point. In 2005, Aatish, now a journalist living in London, wrote for a UK magazine on the radicalisation of the British second-generation Pakistanis, making the unexceptionable liberal argument that it was linked to failures of identity on different fronts. Chuffed by his first cover story, he sent it to his father, to whom he now felt closer — and was shocked to receive a furious reply, accusing him, among other things, of blackening the family name by spreading ‘invidious anti-Muslim propaganda’.

“The accusations set off a storm of reactions in Aatish, from hurt and defensiveness to confusion and curiosity. How was his father, who (as he was to recount in his book) drank Scotch every evening, never fasted and prayed, even ate pork and once said: ‘It was only when I was in jail and all they gave me to read was the Quran.....(This portion of the text has been deleted as it was deemed unprintable.)

Defending his controversial decision to lay bare personal relationships and conversations, Aatish said it came from his conviction, after the letter incident, that “the personal circumstances contained a bigger story.” He, however, acknowledged that the writing of the book was also a way to overcome the despair he felt at having his relationship with his father suddenly run aground again — “a way to make my peace with that personal history.”

The memoir is a journalist’s engaging travelogue. But where the political and personal come together powerfully is in the last third part of the book, which finds Aatish in Pakistan among the Pakistanis.

Personal disappointment fuses with intellectual outrage in his searing final encounters with his father. And as a traveller trying to make sense of the broken pieces of his own ancestry, he takes political discoveries personally. He is wounded by reflexive anti-Indianism, which he encounters widely in Pakistan, and particularly among the youth.

The book quite clearly rejects the idea of Pakistan (while tacitly endorsing the idea of India), but Aatish still seems to be trying to keep the two. “I hope for this to be a book for Pakistan (though) I know that is a very naive thing to say—Neither with my father, nor with Pakistan, was it written to settle any scores. I hope that despite what looks like a bleak look at Pakistan, it is possible to see a genuine concern and affection for the place.”

The Outlook said the personal story of Aatish, meanwhile, had acquired new twists. Salmaan Taseer, with whom he has had no contact for the past 15 months — though he hears he is upset by news of his book — has been resurrected in the topsy-turvy world of Pakistani politics.

About six months ago, he became the Punjab governor. It is a ceremonial role, but since the dissolution of the Shahbaz Sharif government in the Punjab, the man wields real power — and controversially.

“The timing of the book is slightly insane,” he said, laughing uncertainly. “I wouldn’t have wished for it. He was just a businessman, and that was good enough for what I had to say. He didn’t need to be the governor of the Punjab.”

Is he prepared to lose the relationship with a book like this, coming especially at a sensitive time? “Whether I wrote the book or not, I am definitely pretty much persona non grata,” he said. But then he added: “My father is a bright, intelligent man, and well read. I hope he understands some day.”

Following is an extract of the book: “I had begun my journey asking why my father was Muslim, and this was why: none of Islam’s once powerful moral imperatives existed within him, but he was Muslim because he doubted the Holocaust, hated America and Israel, thought Hindus were weak and cowardly, and because the glories of the Islamic past excited him.

“The faith decayed within him, ceased to be dynamic, ceased to provide moral guidance, became nothing but a deep, unreachable historical and political identity. This was all that still had the force of faith. It was significant because in the end, this was the moderate Muslim, and it was too little moderation and in the wrong areas. It didn’t matter how someone prayed, how much they prayed, what dress they wore, whether they chose to drink or not, but it did matter that someone harboured feelings of hatred, for Jews, Americans or Hindus, that were founded in faith and only masked in political arguments.”

“I rose to leave the room. It was if a bank had burst. My father and I, for the first time, were beyond embarrassment. I returned a few moments later to say goodbye to him, but he had left for the day without a word. The now empty room produced a corresponding vacancy in me that was like despair. I wanted somehow to feel whole again; not reconciliation, that would be asking too much, just not this feeling of waste: my journey to find my father ending in an empty room in Lahore, the clear light of a bright morning breaking in to land on the criss-crossing arcs of a freshly swabbed floor.

“As the crow flies, the distance between my father and me had never been much, but the land had been marked by history for a unique division, of which I had inherited both broken pieces. My journey to seek out my father, and through him, his country, was a way for me to make my peace with that history. And it had not been without its rewards. My deep connection to the land that is Pakistan had been renewed. I felt lucky to have both countries; I felt that I’d been given what partition had denied many. For me, it meant the possibility of a different education, of embracing the three-tier history of India whole, perhaps an intellectual troika of Sanskrit, Urdu and English.

“These mismatches were the lot of people with garbled histories, but I preferred them to violent purities. The world is richer in its hybrids.

“But then there was the futility of the empty room, rupture on rupture, for which I could find no consolation, except that my father’s existence, so ghostly all my life, had at last acquired a gram of material weight. And, if not for that, who knows what sterile obsessions might still have held me fast?”

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Game Is Not Over Yet!!

There's is a massive movement going-on in Pakistan for the re-appointment of Ex. Chief Justice of Pakistan. Despite of going into the details, I will focus on some important points about the current Long March.
In the morning, there was a massive troop deployment outside the Karachi City Courts. Administration announced that they are allowing the Lawyers to enter the premises but Asadullah Bhutto (Advocate) of Jamat-e-Islami was arrested, however, he was released later. Similarly Prof. Abdul Ghafoor, Vice PresidentJamat-e-Islami was also arrested from Karachi despite the announcement of interior Advisor Rahman Malik, that no prominent leader will be arrested. Additionally, the house of Imran Khan Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is raided thrice.

A friend told me that the police raided the house of his neighbor yesterday, who had passed away in 2001. When I talked to a few workers of PML-N, PTI and Jamat-e-Islami, they told that they have never faced such massive raids before.

Despite of all this situation, some lawyers managed to stage the rally and headed towards the internal Sindh from Karachi, everything was going alright, in the meanwhile, a news started to scroll on the TV screens that Altaf Hussain has just talked to the President Asif Ali Zardari and Farooq H. Naik. As we expected, just after that, vehicles set on fire and firing started at several places in Karachi, giving a reason to the administration to claim that the protest is not peaceful.

The point, I am referring to is, who set the vehicles on fire? who started firing in Karachi? If they were lawyers, why didn't they do so in Quetta?? Why is the timing of telephone call of Altaf Hussain and the mishappenings is so close?

Current news is that Ali Ahmad Kurd, president supreme court bar association has staged a sit-in at the border of Balochistan, as they are warned that they will be arrested as soon as they enter Sindh.

Things are becoming worse, and why shouldn't they? Wasn't it our population to vote PPP?? Didn't we know that Asif Ali Zardari had assassinated Benazir Bhutto? Didn't we know that Asif Ali Zardari has an international rank in corruption? So why did we vote PPP???

If the Pakistanis do realize their past mistakes, the game is not over yet! They have time to participate in the long march, for the great cause of justice! And they have the decision in their hands... they can elect the next government honestly and wisely!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ASUS Eee Keyboard: PC Embedded In a Keyboard

We have seen all-in-one apple MACs that lead the market for a long time. We also have the Laptops as all-in-one devices, but have you ever thought of a complete PC in the form of a keyboard?

ASUS has launched its Eee Keyboard at CES '09 which is a full-fledged PC embedded in a QWERTY keyboard with a built-in 5-inch (800x480 resolution)touch screen and an HDMI to let you connect it to any TV to have a large screen view.

Now having a look at the specifications, we come to know that it has a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 or N330 CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 16 or 32GB SSD(solid-state drive), 11.0b/g/n WiFi,Bluetooth 2.0, 2 USB 2.0 ports, VGA, HDMI & audio input/output ports, a built-in mic and a speaker. The HDMI out port might be used to connect to a video monitor or an HDTV wirelessly.

The Eee Keyboard comes with windows XP pre-installed on it so we cannot consider it the next multimedia solution but its a nice gadget to be owned by Geeks. It has not yet hit the markets but is announced to be launched 3 to 6 months later. No price is announced yet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Beware, Fake Facebook Can Hack You!

I wrote an article a few days back, exposing a fake website impersonating social networking websites e.g Facebook and Twitter. Here I found another one. Please don't enter any information there if you want to visit the link.I recommend you to read this article before visiting the link
Here is the Facebook phishing website : facebook1(dot)50gigs(dot)net

World's Coolest Digital Photo

Lots of award winners are there in the field of digital photography but I never thought of such a masterpiece!

Click here to see the world's coolest digital photo.

-Courtesy JehanAra

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Projector Embeded Mobile Phone

A great enthusiasm exists for 3G's high data rate and realtime communication facilities e.g video calling and HDTV. But I have been thinking that what is the use of a 14Mbit broadband connection on a tiny screen of 2 inches? I had an idea to embed a projector in a 3G phone. But before I give out, Logic Wireless has done it.

Here comes the Logic Bolt's Projector-Phone.Now there's no need to worry about the tiny screen. The buit-in projector of this phone can project a fair screen of the size of a normal TV. Built-in projection is 640x480 pixels.
The picture quality is fair enough to provide you with an engaging entertainment time. The phone comes with a 3 megapixel camera and 4GB storage with microSD extension capability. It not only projects its own screen but can also do it for external VGA and RCA inputs. Battery is not an ideal one but can last for 2 hours in projection mode. It
is currently a GSM phone but a nice inituitive to pave the way to 3G projector phones!

Here is a picture slideshow.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sentiments of a Kid: "America is the Home for Terrorists"

As the readers of my blog and my contacts on Facebook and Twitter know that I have a beard. Now, why I am telling you that? Because two people added me on Facebook as a friend because of my beard and they both are school going children! I was really astonished to know the sentiments of the young generation of Muslim Ummah. Now-a-days Israel's bombardment on Ghaza is going-on so the sentiments are on extreme. Here is my 1st chat with one of them:

9:54pm NameWithheld

assalam o alaikum
i think that american government is home to terrorists
they blame muslims for no reason

9:58pm Awais

walaikum slam! I agree


i support the so called terrorists

9:59pm Awais

kia matlab? [what do you mean?]


i mean i believe jihad is necessary against such evils

10:00pm Awais



u support the taliban too?


u like him?? y?


i also like maulana (.....)
n maulana (.....)
n mulla (....)
they r great scholars


n military leaders

r u phatan, Sindhi or balochi or mohajir or Punjabi

10:03pm Awais

I m Pakistani ;) :)


i of course know that

10:04pm Awais

have u ever heard of Islami (...)?



10:04pm Awais

I think it is a terrorist organization


well i don't!
i believe that it is not justified

10:05pm Awais



do u live in Karachi

10:05pm Awais

no, Rawalpindi


i will inshallah one day meet u n tell u y!!
u have a beard??

10:06pm Awais

yeah! :D:D
do u wish 2 have one?


of course
inshalllah, when i grow up!
u should also wear a muslim hat!

10:06pm Awais

hmmm! :)
do u want 2 do something for Islam!


i want to be a jihadi

10:07pm Awais



10:09pm NameWithheld

u seee my family is not the islamic type so i willl do all these things after growing up

i wanna be the prsident of pakistan n want to make Pakistan folllow the Islamic shariah

i want to defeat America

**Hassan is offline**

I believe that these innocents souls have a potential to do something for the country and Ummah. If he has such great sentiments at this age, he can do something great in his life. Wish you best of luck, kid!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Virtual Keyboard

Geeks always remain conscious to find a new gadget. They always wish to have a time machine which could lead them to the 100 year advance world. But now they can have a thing which is really a future gadget!

This is a bluetooth virtual keyboard. Just turn it on and it will project light on your table to draw a virtual keyboard. Don't worry about the physical keys, just start typing on the virtual keys drawn on your table! Its worlds smallest yet complete and full-sized keyboard. Connect it to any bluetooth enabled device and enjoy the future world.

You can buy it here

360 Degree 3-D Display

There has been a lot of advancement is the visual displays but we know that even the highest resolution 3D displays cannot give us a realistic view like our daily life. The 3D views are in fact 2-D because we cannot visualize the graphics from all sides (360 degree view). But now the problem is solved with the invention of a 360 degree display!

Paul Debevec and Andrew Jones of USC Institute for Creative Technologies along with Ian McDowall of Fakespace Labs, Inc., Hideshi Yamada of Sony Corporation, Mark Bolas of USC School of Cinematic Arts have created world's first real 3D display with 360 degree viewing. The display consists of a reflecting glass rotating at a high speed to give a 3D view, same as we can see in our real life.

Here is a demonstration video:

According to the project team, the display was shown at the SIGGRAPH 2007 Emerging Technologies exhibition in August 2007 in San Diego, California, where it won the award for "Best Emerging Technology". The award brought with it an invitation to show the 3D Display technology at Laval Virtual, the 10th International Conference on Virtual Reality in Laval, France in April 2008.

More details can be found here.

Some Useful Live Blogging Tools

Live Blogging has been a good source to drive attention and thus traffic to your blog. In past people used to live blog by simply editing their so-called live-blog posts again and again. This was obviously a hectic and non efficient method. As you may have seen that I have been live blogging at different events e.g at Seminar on Usability and Islamabad Bloggers Meet up. In my method, people attending the live blogs see the updates in a dynamic manner and can also comment and participate in it. Also there are services available which let you broadcast a live video stream of any event on your blog. Here are some tools which you can use for text and video live-blogging.

1) Cover It Live:

Cover It live is the most popular tool for live blogging and is completely free to use. All you have to do is to create an account at, create an event and add the generated code to the HTML of your live-blog page. The live blog window will appear immediately at the relevant place. You can invite people to the live-blog by entering their email addresses. Multiple Twitter accounts and multiple authors can also be added.


This is a tool for live-video streaming. All you have to do is to create an account and an event at, attach a webcam to your laptop and start the live streaming.


Qik is a very useful tool that lets you broadcast the live video right from your cell phone as you can see here. If you don't have a laptop or a wi-fi connection, you can benefit from it. Picture quality totally depends upon your cell phone camera. Simply create an account at, download a tiny software for your mobile and start live-streaming. You can also embed this video in your blog by pasting the embed code available. As I have done here:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beware of Online Pirates, Secure Your Personal Information

A fake website is very active now-a-days to steal your usernames and passwords, Beware and secure yourself!

We find many people mourning over their stolen passwords. Many say that someone has hacked their email account and is sending emails on their behalf. Sometimes even the passwords are changed and the victim is unable to login. Same is the case with Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other well known services these days. Now the question arises that what's the security flaw with these million dollar services??? In fact these websites have no security flaw! Then how is it possible for hackers to gain access to your account?? The answer is "Phishing". According to this trick, a web page visually exactly the same as the relevant website is created to deceive the users. E.g a fake Facebook login page is created. You enter your username and password and this info is sent to the hacker's email address and also to the Facebook to let you login! In all this scenario, you never come to know that you are hacked!
Mostly you receive fake emails directing you to a phishing page. For example you may receive a message with "Facebook" in the sender column and "A new Message on Facebook" as the subject. Obviously you will click the contained link to go to Facebook and as soon as you enter your login information, you are ruined!

Now the question arises that how to protect yourself? How to differentiate between a fake login page and an original one? The answer is simple! Always look at the address of the website in your browser before entering the personal information. For example if you see "" instead of "" in the address bar, it means that you are entering your information on "" and not on "". Entering information on,,, is OK. Why? because the word just before .com, .net, .org defines the real website and is called the top level domain name (TLD).

Now-a-days a phishing site is very active for Facebook and Twitter. As seen in the following snaps:

So the simplest rule to save yourself is to verify the domain name before entering login information for your email or any other web service.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trash Your Cell Phone and Have a Happy Life!

Cell phones have become a part of our lives. Either we stay at home or roam around the world, a cell phone has become a must-have device. There's hardly a person without a cell phone, very low income people and even beggars own one.
But have you ever thought of living without a cell phone?? No? I have!
My cell phone got damaged mysteriously, six months ago. It was a precious and obviously a costly cell phone. A sight at its blank screen was enough to make me sad. I ran to a reparing shop and the guy there promised to repair it for a heavy payment. But after a continuous effort of a couple of hours, when he re-assembled the phone it was in the same condition. In a deep grief condition I returned home.

A few days later, when I was thinking over buying a new one, I felt that life is very happy without it. I noticed that when I keep on working in the office for late hours, I don't receive any calls from home. While working on a critical project, I am not disturbed with an annoying text message. My cell phone does not ring in the middle of an important meeting. I don't have a hassle of turning it off before entering the mosque. I go for an outing and come home late at night but I never receive annoying calls from home. Whenever I get late for the office, my boss cannot call me, all I have to face is what I face in the office. I never have to care for it to fall while playing football with my mates. I never have to find a safe place to place it when I put off my clothes for swimming. When we go for hiking, we ask one of us to stay at the bottom of the hill caring for the cell phones of all of us but now I don't have to handover it to him. I never come across a situation when a colleague snatches it and spends all the credit. I never have to attend an emergency call while driving. I never ever have to worry for its battery drain out. I never have to care for it while enjoying in the rain. No one calls me to say that rush to me, there's an emergency. I never have to put one hand on my pocket while walking through a crowd. Nobody asks to lend it to him for a couple of days.

Whenever I plan to buy a new cell phone I recall the annoying calls of my boss, Whenever I decide to turn to the cell phone shop, I recall an emergency call which made me very close to a road-side accident. Whenever I see an iPhone in my friend's hand I decide to buy one but I suddenly recall the snatch.

In short, it has been six months when my phone got damaged and I have never seen happier moments in my life. I advice all of you to live a happy life without a cell phone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Obama's Leaked Letter to Israel in Favour of Attacks on Ghaza

Senator Barrack Obama is a continuation of the rules of blood sucking America. Some say that because of its Muslim background, he might act a little responsibly about the international affairs. But the facts reveal the bitter! The UN security counsel's meeting ended up without any proper decision to stop Israel, Why?? I dare to expose the truth. Here is a leaked official letter of Obama:

A Comprehensive Overview of Israel's Attack on Ghaza

International community keeps on blaming muslims as terrorists. They are blamed to be involved in terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kosovo and Palastine etecetera. But a bird's eye view of the international politics reveals that they are infact victims of terrorism. America's attack on Iraq - knowing that there are no illegal weapons, on Afghanistan - without any proof of involvement of Al-Qaida in 9/11, Israel's occupation of Palastine, India's occupation of Kashmir, Serbia's occupation and most recently Israel's bambing on the innocent kids and women are all shouting to tell that who is the real terrorist.

Recently, Israel's attack on Palastine is a continuation of its past role. So far more than 400 people have been martyred. The great flag holders of freedom of speach are all scilent on Israel's restriction on the coverage of the incident. However I salute Al-Jazeerah TV for having these videos published.

The Zionist state Israel claims to be a jewish state, protecting the Jewish religion but here is a very interesting video in which the pro-religious jews are protesting against Israel.

International media is banned by Israel so a very few pictures of war wrecked area are revealed. But here I dare to reveal some pictures taken by a friend of mine who lives in Ghaza.