Friday, January 2, 2009

A Comprehensive Overview of Israel's Attack on Ghaza

International community keeps on blaming muslims as terrorists. They are blamed to be involved in terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Kosovo and Palastine etecetera. But a bird's eye view of the international politics reveals that they are infact victims of terrorism. America's attack on Iraq - knowing that there are no illegal weapons, on Afghanistan - without any proof of involvement of Al-Qaida in 9/11, Israel's occupation of Palastine, India's occupation of Kashmir, Serbia's occupation and most recently Israel's bambing on the innocent kids and women are all shouting to tell that who is the real terrorist.

Recently, Israel's attack on Palastine is a continuation of its past role. So far more than 400 people have been martyred. The great flag holders of freedom of speach are all scilent on Israel's restriction on the coverage of the incident. However I salute Al-Jazeerah TV for having these videos published.

The Zionist state Israel claims to be a jewish state, protecting the Jewish religion but here is a very interesting video in which the pro-religious jews are protesting against Israel.

International media is banned by Israel so a very few pictures of war wrecked area are revealed. But here I dare to reveal some pictures taken by a friend of mine who lives in Ghaza.


  1. fk US and ISRAEL both are saying they have rights to kill Ghaza peoples

  2. @Abdul Qudoos Yeah, its very sad. We are looking forward to the Leaders of Ummah! In a recent study Gen. Ishfaq Parvez kiyani is the 20th most powerful person of the world, same is the case with many other Leaders of Ummah but they are sleeping!

  3. Israil,a big terrorist saying that muslims are is absoluetly wrong.......israil is a big terrorist..and shame on us(muslims)and our leaders that they havent speak against israil donkey,basturd,monkey..........

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