Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Seminar on Software Usability

Usability is the key to success for a software product. Pakistani software industry is flourishing rapidly but needs professionalism and compliance with the international standards.
The successful Pakistani software market players have realized the importance of usability and have thus arranged a seminar. Here are the details:

Topic: A Seminar on Usability - Why Should You Care?

Day: Tuesday, Dec 02, 008

Venue: NUST (SEECS Campus). Sector H-12, Islamabad Pakistan

1) Babar Khan from ikonami
2) Dr. shoaib Karim from Quaid-e-Azam University
3) Dr. Khalid Latif from Nust
4) Faizan Babar from Scrybe
5) Haris Khan from Zigron
6) Murad Akhter from Tintash
7) Usama Hashmi from CDF software

Registration: Facebookor Zigron

Additional: Exclusive Screening of Helvetica (A Documentry film on typography, graphic design and global visual culture)

The good news is that the seminar is absolutely free but the participants have to register themselves at Facebook or Zigron

All the speakers are well versed with the software usability, for example, Faizan Babar from Scrybe will be there to share his experience.

(Click here for Scrybe's Video at Youtube)

Similarly Dr. shoaib Karim is an assistant professor at Quaid-e-Azam University and has done his PhD in Web Accessibility. He has also been involved in W3C’s working group on accessibility evaluation and reporting. His words will also be a great worth.

All the computer science, software and IT students, professionals and entrepreneures should attend the event. And the bloggers will be there obviously!