Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trash Your Cell Phone and Have a Happy Life!

Cell phones have become a part of our lives. Either we stay at home or roam around the world, a cell phone has become a must-have device. There's hardly a person without a cell phone, very low income people and even beggars own one.
But have you ever thought of living without a cell phone?? No? I have!
My cell phone got damaged mysteriously, six months ago. It was a precious and obviously a costly cell phone. A sight at its blank screen was enough to make me sad. I ran to a reparing shop and the guy there promised to repair it for a heavy payment. But after a continuous effort of a couple of hours, when he re-assembled the phone it was in the same condition. In a deep grief condition I returned home.

A few days later, when I was thinking over buying a new one, I felt that life is very happy without it. I noticed that when I keep on working in the office for late hours, I don't receive any calls from home. While working on a critical project, I am not disturbed with an annoying text message. My cell phone does not ring in the middle of an important meeting. I don't have a hassle of turning it off before entering the mosque. I go for an outing and come home late at night but I never receive annoying calls from home. Whenever I get late for the office, my boss cannot call me, all I have to face is what I face in the office. I never have to care for it to fall while playing football with my mates. I never have to find a safe place to place it when I put off my clothes for swimming. When we go for hiking, we ask one of us to stay at the bottom of the hill caring for the cell phones of all of us but now I don't have to handover it to him. I never come across a situation when a colleague snatches it and spends all the credit. I never have to attend an emergency call while driving. I never ever have to worry for its battery drain out. I never have to care for it while enjoying in the rain. No one calls me to say that rush to me, there's an emergency. I never have to put one hand on my pocket while walking through a crowd. Nobody asks to lend it to him for a couple of days.

Whenever I plan to buy a new cell phone I recall the annoying calls of my boss, Whenever I decide to turn to the cell phone shop, I recall an emergency call which made me very close to a road-side accident. Whenever I see an iPhone in my friend's hand I decide to buy one but I suddenly recall the snatch.

In short, it has been six months when my phone got damaged and I have never seen happier moments in my life. I advice all of you to live a happy life without a cell phone!


  1. i m living an awesome life :X because i never give my number in digits :P

  2. @Abdul Qudoos But I am mostly annoyed by the people who are very close to me and don't feel any hassle to call me when they know I would be sleeping :(

  3. @Abdul Qudoos I m not "Bhogting" I have trashed my cell phone! I m very happy these days!! LOL :D

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  5. i think i can not trash my cell phone because i depend of it for everything!!! and i do not believe that there are people that can do that.

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  8. Indeed it's awesome. i like this post. Thanks very nice share.


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