Monday, December 1, 2008

Live Blog: Seminar On "Usability: Why Should You Care?"

Here the live blog for the Seminar On Software Usability will go on! Please bookmark this page and don't forget to join us at 5:o0 pm on Tue Dec 02, 08.

Disclaimer: Following is the live coverage of the seminar on the topic of "Usability: Why Should You Care", so please ignore spelling, grammar or other mistakes if they occur. I will try my best to avoid them.

There is also a live video streaming available from the organizers. The video quality is not too good but a nice thing to overview the event.

This seminar is worth appreciation as it has set an example of arranging awareness and training events for the professionals and the students. As I noticed, all the panelists, volunteer students of NUST, organizers and the live bloggers were there only to contribute and not for any reward. In the presence of these type of professionals - who take a headache of arranging the events without any hope of reward - we can hope a flourishing software industry in Pakistan. NUST should also be appreciated for providing the facilities of Auditorium, multimedia, Wi-Fi and the Volunteers.

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