Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let's Celebrate the International Shoe Day!

Dogs and shoes are very happy these days because international media has spread the word of Muntadar Al-Zaidi that American president is a dog! :) and Hasan Muhammad Makhafa has raised the value of shoes by offering 10 Million US dollars for a single shoe.

The social structure of the west had been destroyed by the so called freedom movements, so they celebrate different days to bring back their social values. Mother's Day - to bring awareness for the respect of mother, Father's Day - to tell people that father is also a part of a family :), Aids Day and many more. This really gives a sense of awareness to them.

Muntadar Al-Zaidi has appeared as a symbol of awareness in the Muslim world. So why not celebrate a day for the shoes of Muntadar Al-Zaidai??? He (I should say "Rehmatullah Alaih!" :)) has given a message of resistance and expression of dignity to the Muslims. He is under the custody of arms and obviously, will be subjected to death. His daring act is calling the Muslim youth to wake up and struggle hard to handover the occupied lands, his broken bones are screaming to say "Get up Muslims! Provide a shadow to the widows and the orphans!"

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