Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simplest Way to Setup a Local Area Network (LAN)

We need LAN in our homes and offices to share an internet connection, files and for collaboration with each other. Here, I will provide a step by step guide to setup your own LAN in which you will be able to connect to the internet any time without making a server or keeping an always-on computer.


1.UTP Cat-5 CablesI

2.RJ-45 ConnectorsII

3.Crimping toolIII

4.Cable stripperVII

5.Broadband router VIII


Step by Step:

1.Choose a central location for the switchIX and the Broadband router VIII

The cables from each outlet will reach the switch so locating the switch along with the router at the center of the network is the best option to save the cable lengths. Place the router and the switch close to each other.

2.Measure the distance of each computer from the switch.

3.Prepare cables to connect the computers with the switch.

a.Cut the required length of the cable.

b.Strip it up to 2 inches with the stripper from one end

c.Arrange the cables in the Straight-ThroughXV manner.

d.Cut the cables in such a way that the stripped length is less than ½ inch.

e.Hold the RJ-45 connector in an upside-down manner (i.e. the little pin is downward)

f.Insert the wires into the connector so that the color combination is not disturbed.

g.Punch the connector with the crimping toolIII

h.Repeat the steps ‘b’ through ‘g’ for the second end of the cable

i.Your cable is ready.

j.Repeat the steps ‘a’ through ‘i’ for each computer

Now your cables are ready

4) Insert one end of each cable in the ports of the switch

5) Insert the free end of one cable into the router

6) Insert the free ends of the remaining cables into the LAN ports of the computers

7) Arrange the cables in such a way that they are not creating hurdle for people

8) Now bring the router into the working condition ( as directed by the vendor or the broadband service provider)

9) Power on the switch

10) Turn on the computers one by one.

11) Configure your network
a. Go to desktop of 1st computer
b. Right click on ‘My Computer’ icon
c. Click on Properties
d. A new window is opened
e. Click on ‘Computer Name’ Tab
f. Click on ‘Change…’ button
g. A new window is opened
h. Give the Computer Name e.g. Ahmad’s Computer. The computer name should be unique for each computer.
i. Now choose the ‘Workgroup:’ radio button and enter the name of your network e.g. OfficeNetwork
j. Repeat the steps ‘b’ through ‘I’ for each computerk.
Restart each computer and your network is ready to work.

Note: If your network is not yet working then the DHCP service may not be activated on your router or the router may not support it. If your router does not support DHCP, you may need to allot the IP addresses to the computers. (I may post an article on IP addressing in future so don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail or feed)

Creative ideas:

1) Entertainment:

·Organize LAN party with your friends. Establish a LAN for gamming.

2) Business:

·Start your own business. Take contracts from organizations or companies to setup a network in their offices.

3) Collaboration:

·Install LANTalk on each computer to chat with each other for free, even when internet is not available.

·Install Skype on each computer to talk to each other for free.

4) Other:

·Setup a LAN at your home to share internet connection and files with your neighbors and family members.

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I.UTP Cat-5 Cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair, Category 5 Cable):

It’s a cable available for networking. It consists of 4 pairs of wires in a single coating.

II.RJ-45 Connectors

These Connectors are punched at the ends of the cable and are used to connect the cat-5 cable to a switch, a computer or a wall jack.

III.Crimping tool

A tool used to punch a connector at the ends of the cables

IV.Wall I/O boxes

These boxes are similar to electricity switch/socket boxes and are used to provide a LAN outlet on a wall

V.Wall Jacks

A Similar thing to electricity sockets. They are attached to the I/O box. The patch cord (a LAN cable having RJ-45 connectors on its both ends) is inserted into it from one side and into the computer from the other side


Plastic ducts are used to route the cables across a surrounding.

VII.Cable stripper

A tool to strip the Cat-5 cable

VIII.Broadband router:

A device which contains the functionality of a Broadband CPEX and a DHCP server.


A device used to interconnect different computers


Customer premises equipment. E.g. a DSL modem.

XI.DHCP server:

Dynamic Host controller Server. A server which automatically assigns IP addresses to the devices/computers.

XII.Cabling Scheme:

The color combination of the wires of a Cat-5 cable.

XIII. 862-B standard of ITU-T:

A standard which defines the combination of wires in a cat-5 cable for LAN

XIV.Straight-Through Cable:

A color combination of wires of a Cat-5 cable used to connect un-like devices e.g. a switch and a computer when connected directly. Color combinations according to ITU-T 862-B are:

a.White orange --> White orange

b. Orange --> Orange

c.Wight green --> Wight green

d.Blue --> Blue

e. Wight blue --> Wight blue

f.Green --> Green

g. White brown --> White brown

h.Brown --> Brown


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