Sunday, December 21, 2008

Download Youtube Videos Without Any Hassle

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website around the globe. You watch a lot of videos that you wish to download from Youtube for offline viewing. There are many websites offering this functionality but most of them are not very efficient. There are a lot of problems with them e.g. you have to wait a long for a download, no "Pause" function is available, you cannot download several videos simultaneously, you require to convert the video format to view it in your favorite media player etc.

Here I am going to mention a simple way to download Youtube videos. There are lot of videos on the web to download other than Youtube so you will not only be able to download videos for free from Youtube but also from other websites e.g,, or any other.
All you have to do is to download Realplayer 11 or higher for free (Click here to Download Now), install it on your PC and you are done! Just go to the website you want to download a video from, rollover the mouse on the video, a button will automatically appear with the text "Download This Video". Click this button to start the video download.
You can download multiple videos simultaneously and the pause functionality is also available. There's no need to convert the video to any other format, just go to the "Media library" of Realplayer and then choose "Downloads and Recordings" for a playback!

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